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Wearing a FLOAT item, manufactured with patented raw material, is like always wearing a life jacket. FLOAT items facilitate the use of the individual protection device combining with comfort and safety, promising nimbleness. We manufacture “I.P.D.” (individual protection device) items and there are three types:

  1. Anorak congruent with UNI EN 393 buoyancy aids N 50
  2. Anorak congruent with UNI EN 395 life jacket N 100
  3. Anorak congruent with UNI EN 396 life jacket N 150

Every our I.P.D. can have a special safety harness congruent with UNI EN 1095 deck safety harness perfectly inserted into the above-written jackets, without impeding movements. The special stuffing that forms the jacket is the outcome of several years of research and it lead to the realization of the primary cloth SEAFLOTEX, which besides founding pressure reserve, keeps fixed the body heat also while a diving, conferring essential features to the above-written I.P.D. The external cloth used to realize the I.P.D. are they too our products and congruent with the above-written law. They are especially waterproof at more than 10 ATM pressure, keeping vapor permeability.  

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