Incom Vranco S.A.

Incom Vranco s.a., established in 1963 as a Romanian state-owned clothing company, was privatized and acquired by the Incom SPA group in 1991. After the purchase, it was completely restructured and technologized. Incom-Vranco’s production specializes in all women’s clothing, in particular in constructed products (jackets, suits, raincoats and coats). The new production processes also allow the use of particularly delicate and difficult fabrics. Incom Vranco actively participates together with Incom SPA also in the clothing orders for the police forces of the Italian State and for the Italian railways.

With the aim of strengthening its production center in relation to men’s outerwear, in 1995 the Incom SPA group founded Euroconf s.a., merged by incorporation with Incom Vranco from 2021.

Located in the city of Focsani (180km north-east of Bucharest), the Incom Vranco covers an area of ​​75,000 square meters and has the most technologically advanced machinery and adequately equipped storage rooms that are continually renewed to maintain high quality standards.

To date, Incom Vranco has a consolidated production experience of high quality products that it produces with over 600 employees. The production capacity is achieved through the constant investment of the most modern apparel production plants. The constant training of its employees characterizes the quality of the service aimed at the most renowned and important European players in men’s and women’s clothing, including the most prestigious Italian brands in the “Fashion” sector.