Incom History

Incom SPA, Industria Confezioni Montecatini, was founded in Montecatini Terme, in the province of Pistoia in 1951.

At the beginning the company was specialized in the production of men’s and women’s outerwear intended for international markets and distributed mainly through the wholesale and large-scale distribution channels.

In the seventies the turning point that marks the development of the business: the range of products is extended to formal and informal style clothing for men and women, designed for a consumer who appreciates comfort combined with quality and style. together with the displacement of the production in foreign countries with lower labor costs.

At the same time, in the aim of developing new markets, the company decides to expand the distribution of its products through the retail store channel.

Subsequently Incom SPA develops projects for well-known international brands and becomes an important reference for the management of clothing distribution in Europe.