We are committed to offering benefits to all our stakeholders:

  • Majority and minority shareholders
  • Clients
  • Social Creditors
  • Local Communities
  • Employees

And it is our primary will:

  • Exclude child labor and forced labor
  • Recognize working hours that are not against the law
  • Pay a decent wage for the worker
  • Guarantee the freedom of trade union membership
  • Guarantee the right of workers to be protected by collective bargaining
  • Ensure safety in the workplace
  • Guarantee the reduction of the environmental impacts associated with its business
  • Ensure compliance with mandatory legislation on the environment, health and safety and social responsibility
  • Prevent any discrimination based on sex, race, political, sexual or religious orientation.

We also undertake:

  • To be open and available interlocutors, ready to provide answers and solutions;
  • To consider people as part of a stable social relationship that attributes dignity, encouraging and supporting listening
  • To promote a culture that protects the existence and well-being of individuals, families and businesses
  • To recognize mutual support and collaboration as key elements to ensure the company efficiency and development
  • To take responsibility, individually and collectively, for the consequences of our actions with seriousness, transparency and rectitude, without betraying the relationship of trust accorded.

Below are the policies of the quality, environment and social responsibility management systems which represent the first declaration of intent of our management systems. (Click and View)

Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility Policy
Gender Equality Policy
Ethical code

For any report regarding quality, environment write to:


For any report of social responsibility, please contact: